Ah, Meow! – Hong Kong’s Cat Café

(ENG) Ah Meow! Cat Café, D-E 3/F Po Ming Building, #2 Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay, HK Island.
(CHI) 阿貓地攤- 香港銅鑼灣富明街2-6號寶明大廈3樓D-E室
MTR: Causeway Bay, Times Square (Exit A) or Hysan Place (Exit F2)
Asia is well-known for its crazy themed cafes and stores. I’ve been here for a while now having STILL not visited the people’s favourite – the Cat Café – I definitely got a huge tick off my checklist this weekend!

We decided to visit the Ah, Meow! cat cafe on a whim on Hong Kong’s coldest Sunday in 60 years. We were in the area, searching for a nice coffee shop to catch-up in. The problem with the majority of Hong Kong’s cafes is that they really lack atmosphere (or “ambiance” if you wanna be smooth about it)! There’s just never enough space and too many people (story of Hong Kong’s life *cue sad music*), so you’re all packed in like a tin of sardines, which isn’t exactly what you want when you’re looking to chill out with friends on a Sunday afternoon. But then – we found the Ah! Meow Cat Café!

138You won’t find it if you’re not looking for it – packed tightly away on the third floor on one of Hong Kong’s a million ambiguous residential buildings – but you’ll be glad you did! We weren’t sure how to get into the building at first,being residential with the front gate locked, but luckily we sneaked in as a resident was leaving.. we realised it’s also fine to simply ring the doorbell outside (duh).

The café is super cosy and, of course, littered with cute cats! There are just 3 cats that actually live in the cafe, 2 of which were very friendly. The others were actually cats belonging to the customers – yep, you can bring your own cats in to hang out for the afternoon and make some new friends! No cats came to approach us – which is, pretty typical of cats at the end of the day (they only love you when it’s convenient for them, sigh), but they were all very friendly and happy to be approached. The owners seem to take good care of them, each had their own little bed & food plate and all the cats looked healthy.

The menu is super easy to navigate in both Chinese & English. We ordered a banana hot chocolate, a marshmallow hot chocolate and a 3D-art caramel latte. Each drink was around $40-55 – a little overpriced but obviously you’re paying for the novelty. In terms of taste, they were pretty nice and warmed us up well, but in terms of cuteness: 1000/10! The cafe also serves up some cat-styled breakfasts and brunches.

We were lucky enough to get a booth table next to the big windows looking out onto the busy streets of Causeway Bay, with sofa chairs which were really cosy. The other tables were wooden and looked a bit less comfortable. Our table came with little notepads & pens for us to doodle with, some cute cushions and a teddy bear to hug!

Next door to the café, there are some open double doors leading to an old workshop, which sells handmade jewelry and vintage camera gear. There are plenty of small, silver goods, and a wide range of camera lenses. We also saw a guy working on some beautiful handmade silver rings – a great place for a spot of treasure hunting!


Overall: 9/10! The cat cafe is definitely worth a visit, if only for the novelty, but we loved it because it’s the coziest little hang out for our coffee & catch-ups we’ve yet to find in busy HK!



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